Security awareness subscription service: ransomware-ness month

03 NB awareness poster on ransomware 2 no logo 250New this month Ransomware-ness

We revise and reissue the NoticeBored security awareness materials on malware every year because:

  1. Malware is ubiquitous – it’s a threat we all face to some extent.  Even those of us who don’t own or use IT equipment rely on organizations that depend on it;
  2. Malware-related risks are changing – new malware is being actively developed and exploited all the time, while technical security controls inevitably lag behind;
  3. Security awareness is vital to prevent or avoid malware infections, to manage the risks, and to recognize and respond promptly and effectively to those that almost inevitably occur.

This year, our focus is on ransomware, specifically, a clear and present malware danger, and our 60th awareness topic MORE

New in March Security awareness job descriptions

Generic ‘vacancy notices’ for security awareness professionals.

A sneak peak behind the scenes

We are blogging almost every day about the process of developing the awareness materials, and the thought that goes into their design.  If you and your colleagues are bored with the usual dog-eared posters and stale, out-of-date Learning Modules, track NBlog to find out what’s involved in researching and preparing fresh, creative and engaging content for an effective information security awareness program.

“If you want to change people’s behavior the first thing we need to do is stop this one-way communication where we blast things at people, and engage -  and I mean really engage. You need to really work with your people and embark on having ongoing conversations with them about what the threats are out there.  We will change people mostly by getting them to engage with one another. In discourse within organizations, security often doesn’t feature at all, and if it does it’s often in a negative way and people are complaining about it. That’s what we want to change - we want people to talk about security, discuss the risks, but help each other out. The more people talk about security to each other, the better things will become.”

Professor Angela Sasse

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Innovation, creativity and a passion for sharing

NoticeBored is our innovative awareness service delivering three parallel streams of creative and engaging adult educational materials on 60 topicsConvince your management of the value of security awareness, then speak to us about making it happen, soon.   If you’ve been meaning to ‘do something’ about security awareness for ages, but never quite get around to it, we can get you up and running in no time.  Get in touch.  A subscription to the NoticeBored service is very modestly priced: for about the same as it would cost you to employ a professional author to prepare a single module, we’ll deliver twelve covering something fresh and topical every month of the year.

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