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Throughout February, we’re blogging almost every day about the process of developing the next awareness module.  If you and your colleagues are bored with the usual dog-eared posters and stale, out-of-date Learning Modules, find out what’s involved in researching and preparing fresh, creative and engaging content for an effective information security awareness program.  Month-by-month we’re bringing the whole topic to life!

Surveillance wordsOne of this month's new poster designsNew this month Surveillance awareness

‘Surveillance’ is a broad topic covering spying, privacy, compliance, cybersecurity (e.g. IT systems and network monitoring), social engineering, physical security, health and safety and more. 

The two main areas of focus are: (1) surveillance of various kinds conducted by the organization (e.g. CCTV coverage of public and controlled areas, network traffic monitoring, system security and audit logs, spam and malware scanning), and (2) surveillance conducted on the organization and its workers by third parties (e.g. compliance monitoring by various authorities, and industrial espionage or spying by competitors).  With some exceptions, the former is authorized by management for legitimate business purposes, while the latter can be sinister (e.g. Big Brother and industrial espionage).  MORE

Get in touch to access the materials.  A subscription to the NoticeBored service is very modestly priced: for about the same as it would cost you to employ a professional awareness author to prepare a single module, we’ll deliver twelve covering something fresh and topical every month of the year. 

Innovation, creativity and a passion for sharing

NoticeBored is our innovative awareness service delivering three parallel streams of creative and engaging adult educational materials on 59 topicsConvince your management of the value of security awareness, then speak to us about making it happen, soon.   If you’ve been meaning to ‘do something’ about security awareness for ages, but never quite get around to it, we can get you up and running in no time. 

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