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We need to plan and prepare for the worse since (despite all the controls and assurance measures in which we invest) we cannot totally prevent all incidents.  The bulk of information risk and security management concerns avoiding, preventing or mitigating the effects of incidents affecting information.  We infosec pro’s appreciate, however, that we are not invincible.  We have our limits.  Even our luck runs out.

This month we’ll be exploring techniques for dealing systematically and professionally with the shocking and unexpected, particularly in relation to information security incidents, successful frauds, hacks, social engineering or malware attacks etc.

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Coming up soon

We’re currently researching the following information risk and security topics for future modules:

  • July: security frameworks - structured, good-practice ways of managing information risks.
  • August: insider threats - threats within the organization from employees, contractors, consultants, temps, interns and more.
  • September: outsider threats - threats without the organization from competitors, criminals, government agencies and more.

Beyond that, who knows?  Our plans are contingent on what comes up.

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