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Security Awareness Job Descriptions

Need someone to “do” security awareness?

Try these template vacancy notices for size



Here are three job descriptions for security awareness roles.  Each one:

  • Describes the key elements of the role
  • Outlines the personal characteristics of ‘ideal’ candidates
  • Specifies the qualifications and experience required

The 3 roles are:

  1. Security Awareness Manager  PDF Adobe Acrobat file  and  MS Word MS Word document.
    Someone to run the security awareness program as a whole.
  2. Security Awareness Officer  PDF Adobe Acrobat file and MS Word MS Word document.
    Additional security awareness specialists to deliver the awareness activities.  The size of the security awareness team required depends on the nature and geographical dispersion of the organization, the maturity and complexity of its awareness program, and whether you are generating all the awareness materials in-house or using an information service such as NoticeBored.
  3. Security Awareness Contact  PDF Adobe Acrobat file and MS Word MS Word document.
    Security representatives embedded throughout the business.  They may only be part timers but still they are a very valuable part of the social network that distributes security awareness far and wide and provides useful feedback from the business.

These are generic templates, of course.  Each organization is unique.  Please adapt them to suit your specific requirements. 

You probably ought to consult HR too ...

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